Ttu Jur

”Ttudjur” Mineral Waters

The mineral spring called Ttudjur (sour waters) is found right in the center of the Ttudjur village, near the monument to the Missing Soldier, neighboring to the rural church.

Traditionally here mineral waters are used or consumed at their spring source, but locals use waters also for bathing as it is known as a traditional cure to skin diseases. The water is passing through various stones that provides natural filtration. The well has two sources, one is used for drinking and the other was traditionally utilized for washing purposes The two sources  at Ttudjur waters have different taste, so are their names. For instance one is called Katnaghbyur, which defines the milky taste of waters and the other is known as Ttudjur distinguished with more sour taste.

Ancient Armenians used to have worship of water and up to know travelling to the mineral water site for direct access to the water is still common in the village.