The Red Church

The Old Getik church, located in the depths of the forest, is a monumental complex dating back to 9-12th centuries popularly named Karmir Eghtsi (Red Church) because the building was built of pink stone.

The monastery is located 4 km away from the village of Getik, on the left side of the Getik river. The monastery used to serve as a prominent spiritual center of northern Armenia. The ancient monastery has become more popular during Mkhitar Gosh, famous  Armenian scholar, writer,  who started writing one of his famous works  called “Girk Datastani” ( The Book of Judgement)11th century in the old Getik monastery before the monastic complex was destroyed by an earthquake. The monastery complex consisted of several buildings, monotheistic and enlightenment offices that remained well – preserved and attract thousands of scholars and tourists every year.

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